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HU ISSN 2060-9078 (Print)
HU ISSN 2060-9086 (Online)

Dear Reader,

We are launching a scientific journal, managed by the Institute of Economic Science (IES) of the Eszterházy Károly College. The main aim of the journal is to give an insight into the research results of the faculty affiliated with our Institue, but we are open to all authors (foreign or Hungarian) conducting research within the broad field of Economic Science as well.

This effort is not without precedent, neither with regard to its intention nor to its completion. In the 1990s, papers from the pens of faculty members at the former Department of Economics and other institutions were presented among the Scientific Publications of the Eszterházy Károly Teacher Training College, and later in an independent volume entitled Scientific Papers from the Field of Economics. Afterward, papers presented at conferences organized by the IES were published in proceedings, while from 2005, research results were collected in a volume called Acta Oeconomica. In 2008, a volume under the heading Periodica Oeconomica published papers in English in cooperation with Paris Sorbonne University (Paris IV).

From this year (2009), under the latter name, we publish our volumes in the form of a scientific journal. We follow the traditions of the past and intend to provide a scinetific forum for our faculty, our partnering institutions, and the representatives of the business sphere. In what we wish to break with the past is the frequency and the form of our issues (we will publish the journal every year and also electronically). We would like to ensure a steady high quality, for which we need the kind support of our Readers and prospective Authors.

The Editors

Institute of Economic Science
Eszterházy Károly College
H-3300 Eger,
Egészségház u. 4.


Julianna CSUGÁNY
Institute of Economic Science
Eszterházy Károly College
H-3300 Eger,
Egészségház u. 4.

János SZLÁVIK (Eger)
J. Markham COLLINS (Tulsa/USA)
Erzsébet H. KACSÓ (Eger)
István KÁDEK (Eger)
Tibor KOVÁCS (Eger)
Gábor PAPANEK (Budapest, Eger)